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Strawberry Flavored Tincture with 300 Mg of CBD per bottle. Cannabidiol is the second most abundant cannabinoid in the cannabis plant.  Second only to THC.  THC is the cannabinoid with the psychoactive effects. WELCOMED SCIENCE CBD PRODUCTS HAVE NO PSYCHOACTIVE EFFECTS...just to be clear on that point.


WELCOMED SCIENCE TROPICAL PUNCH CHEW TABS 125MG We believe in the science of these products and in the necessity of their exposure. As not only businessmen within the industry, but rather as enthralled consumers, we have sought out the highest quality CBD products which are designed with legal compliance in mind. We believe in bringing modern day options to the market. We believe in products that fit your lifestyle. We believe in the benefits fo a daily CBD regiment without the hassle. Welcomed Science is more than a store, more than a brand, more than a website, Welcomed Science is a lifestyle. A lifestyle in which we seek solutions beyond Big Pharma. It is the 21st century, you are the 21st century, your car, your cellphone all forms of science with which we welcomed with open arms. We believe in a world where all of us benefit from Welcomed Science.

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