Paw Puddy CAT TREATS w/ Choose your # of treats

Paw Puddy CAT TREATS w/ Choose your # of treats


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The Paw Puddy Cat treats are not just a delicious treat for your Cat but healthy as well. Our pets need Cannabidiol, CBD, just as much as humans. How you get those cannabinoids into your furry friends is the fun part, treats are a fantastic way to do so. I know we do as well as throwing some tincture in every morning. Keep you Kitty Cat healthy and happy with Paw Puddy Cat treats. They'll love you for it~Choose from 4 different sized packages


These Paw Puddy Cat treats are filled with organic, well-sourced ingredients and 5mg per treat.  

Hemp, Hemp Flour, Chicken (65) hemp flour, brewers yeast, dried milk, tuna juice, chicken juice, beef juice, infused local unsalted real butter .5 cbd/>.02 THC

per treat Dosage: 1 treat as needed every 4/6 hours to start.. add as needed All organic

The Benefits Of Hemp, At Hempful Farms, our goal is to bring the healing power of hemp to people and pets all over the country. From our online store to the 30+ retail locations that carry our CBD hemp products, we’re spreading the good word on hemp, so everyone can enjoy the positive effects of organic hemp and CBD. If you’re suffering from a specific health issue, such as chronic pain or anxiety, or you’re exploring natural alternatives to boost overall wellness, we hope to introduce you to D, and provide you with high-quality, safe, and effective products for years to come.


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