Green Roads World CBD Coffee 8OZ BAG 168MG

Green Roads World CBD Coffee 8OZ BAG 168MG


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Green Roads offers us another way to wake up. Start your day with brilliantly tasty, highest quality coffee beans with CBD. Start your day off right, while waking up your sleepy eyes feel alert, relaxed and ready to take on the day. Take some with you for later, but be careful to may find yourself stashing it from your co-workers. Send them here to MyHempNow to get their bag and let us know by sending an email to to receive a discount on your very next order. A better way to share your CBD


Wake up with freshly blind-roasted and infused with solvent-free, full-spectrum CBD extract

A Great way to start your morning....CBD style

8 oz bag CBD Coffee

Effects: Feel the alertness without the jitters, the best part about CBD. It's known to cause clarity, alertness, focus and now you can drink it in your coffee THE HIGHEST

Quality Coffee Beans, responsibly sourced, Freshly sourced, blind-roasted, and infused with solvent-free, full=spectrum CBD extract. 100% Industrial organic hemp. A great way to start your morning....

Green Roads and Steep Fuze out of Colorado have partnered to create Cannabidiol (CBD) infused coffee. Gerry, the Co-Founder of Steep Fuze has been blind since birth, and when Gerry roasts he relies solely on his heightened senses of smell and hearing. He controls the roast based on aroma and sound of the beans crackling. Roasting an African-based bold coffee soaked in Full-Spectrum CBD, this coffee exemplifies nature's wonders providing a dose of caffeine while taking the edge off.

No prescription or card needed!

CBD Coffee is sold in:

  • 3oz packages containing 84mg of CBD 
  • 6oz packages containing 168mg of CBD 

-168 MG PER 8 oz

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