GELS Capsules for optimal health 750mg

GELS Capsules for optimal health 750mg


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GELS capsules with 750 mg =' 25  per capsule. By adding CBD to our products it boosts our love for healthy alternative solutions. Please join the movement with us, by taking back our health from medications and recreate the world like our ancestors lived while adding new technologies along with nature to create products at the reach for everyone.



REPROGRAMING THE WAY YOU DO HEALTH ☺ PH Secrets was created after we were done depending on pills for everything, we rebelled and created a home for all the silent healers in the world. We opened our doors to plants, flowers & roots, and created a safe haven for them to live in harmony and took the time to learn from them and created products as delicate as our own bodies are. 

Soft gel capsules with 750mg

CBD Content: 25mg of CBD per gel Size: 30 gels

By using the full plant extracts you get it all

Ingredients: Phytocannabinoid CBD, terpenes

If you are taking 1,2, 5, 7+ pain pills a day as well as anxiety medication which could leave you feeling like it's just not working, consider an alternative. Many startto feel dependent on taking pain killers.

By taking your CBD products regularly you can find health, happiness, and to feel pain-free.

Anxiety, Pain and more find it difficult to find solutions. My Hemp Now offers the ultimate in health care products to help with many ailments. I have seen many get to find relieve by using CBD over traditional medication 

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