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We are excited to present the newest addition to the vape collection...The Cora! This is a sleek and slim vaporizer for all your e-liquid and oil needs. It's designed with a new threadless, magnetic, and ceramic "Pod" style cartridge tank, that allows you to effortlessly switch between your various oils and liquids. Simply pull one pod from the Cora vape pen, slide the new pod in and watch as it's pulled into place by the magnetic connection, easy, effective and perfect for on the go. Some test-drive results with the Cora found it to quickly become a hit amongst everyone. It produces a nice hit with good flavor. The Cora is a great vape pen for any vaping level. I wouldn’t expect to be a cloud chaser with the Cora, however, its built-in 500mah battery can certainly produce some good clouds for its size. My favorite part of The Cora is that is extremely simple to use; just fill up your pod with some delicious e-liquid or oil concentrate and slide the pod into place on at the top of the pen. Quickly press the power button five times to power on the Cora and then press and hold that same button while inhaling to start vaping. It’s as simple as that! Easy for anyone to pick up and use. Each pod will last for about five refills and then it's recommended that you use a new one. The Cora kit comes with everything you need to start (except oil/liquid), in the package you will get one liquid filling adapter to easily fill up your pods, one oil/liquid pod, a USB charging cable that uses the same magnetic connection technology as the pods, and of course the gorgeous Cora itself.

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Wax + E-juice

Pen Style 

1-year warranty

Heats up in 5 seconds


The Cora vaporizer is simply amazing! It is built with Ceramic coil Refillable tank elegant and discreet simple operation magnetized cartridges USB Charging

More about the Cora Vaporizer, it is an all-in-one portable vape for oil concentrates and e-juice. As thin as a flash drive and sleekly minimalist, the Cora vape is one of the most compact--and therefore discreet E-liquid vaporizers. The simple single-button control interface is easy to operate, and the intuitive design makes loading the Cora vape a breeze. Futuristic E-Liquid Vaporizer The Cora vaporizer uses patented V-smart refillable cartridges that connect via magnet, making the re-loading process very simple. This cartridge, referred to as a Cora pod, includes a mouthpiece, which doubles as a grip for removing the cartridge. This ceramic coil pod is easy to refill and holds up to 1.0 ml of e-liquid. Twist the bottom piece of the cartridge to reveal two holes into which liquid concentrate is dripped using a syringe or other device. The Cora vape delivers smooth, flavorful vapor from liquid concentrates. Stealthy and Sturdy, Slender and lightweight, the Cora Vape is easy to carry with you wherever you go. It’s also compact enough to hide almost completely in your grip. Despite its slight stature, the Cora vaporizer is solidly built and capable of enduring the wear and tear of everyday life. A tough body made of zinc and aluminum alloy and carbon fiber looks slick and feels solid. This dependable e-liquid vape, geared toward vaping on-the-fly, stays strong and ready for whatever life throws at you. Powerful Cora Vaporizer. With the Cora vape, e-liquid enthusiasts can prepare for big, tasty clouds. The Cora vaporizer is powered by a 500mAh battery with 1.4ohm resistance. A magnetized electrical connection at the bottom of the Cora vape snaps into the included USB charger for convenient charging. VapeDynamics matches that convenience with an easy-to-use control button. Simply click the button 5 times to turn the Cora vaporizer on. Then hold the button down to heat up the unit.

Compact, elegant, and intuitive, the Cora vape is one of the best liquid vaporizers available at an affordable price.

WHAT'S IN THE BOX 1 x Cora Pod Liquid Cartridges 1 x 500mAh Battery 1 x Magnetized USB Charger Cable 2 x Silicone Liquid Dropper Joint 1 x Instruction Manual Warranty Info: 1 Year Dimensions: 6.25 x 3.5 x 1 in. Weight: 0.40 lbs. Vaporizer Compatibility: E-Juice, Waxes

8.6TOTAL SCORE  -  VapeDynamics Cora Review Bottom Line. The Cora is a very solid vape with an elegant design. The Cora is a great vape pen for any vaping level whether it be for beginners or experienced vapers who want a backup, the Cora delivers everything you need. Overall, Cora’s built-in 500mAh battery can certainly produce some good and large clouds for its size. A must have e-cig if you’re looking a stealthy yet solid in quality and performance pen-style e-cig.

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