CannaPleasure Cannabis Lubricant

CannaPleasure Cannabis Lubricant


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Cannaplesure Cannabis Lubricant is an amazing product and one of the only if not the only like it. Hemp Health prides themselves on quality, pure, lab tested and medical focused products. 

All made in America and by two brilliant women, the Owners and Founders of Hemp Health and Hemp Hookhazz

Due to their passion and quality, you will always find the entire line right her on MyHempNow 

If you don't see it something, let us know we will get it ordered and shipped out asap! 


CannaPleasure blends 50 mg of hemp CBD oil with hemp seed oil, peppermint oil, ginger root and other herbs to provide a cool, tingling sensation on the skin. It offers lovers an all-natural alternative to the synthetic lubricants found on drugstore shelves. CannaPleasure’s base is made with almond oil and beeswax. A little CannaPleasure goes an extremely long way, and testers report that the salve lasts much longer than conventional lubricants. And unlike most lubricants, CannaPleasure feels soothing on any body part and is therefore ideal for sensual massages and other forms of foreplay.

“Hemp CBD might be known for its medicinal properties, but in the bedroom, it offers a whole new level of sensuality. CannaPleasure is simply longer-lasting and more stimulating than anything you’ve tried before” said Katarina Maloney, Co-President of Hemp Health Inc.

“Open a CannaPleasure in the bedroom"

You’ll thank us later.Not recommended for use with condoms. Size: 1oz Jar Hemp CBD content: 50mg 

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