Apricot Escape massage oil with 100mg of Hemp oil

Apricot Escape massage oil with 100mg of Hemp oil


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Escape with this amazing Massage Oil with the primary focus to offer our clients an alternative solution for everyday illnesses without depending on prescription medications; rather, go back to healing our bodies with herbs, roots & essential oils. Our mission is supported by offering a wide range of detail oriented products at a price point that many people can afford. This Apricot based massage oil with 100mg of CBD content. PH Secrets envisions a world filled with people where loving thy neighbor means spreading the knowledge of self-healing and relies more on nature to cure than anything else. By reprogramming the way you d do health.

Adding CBD to our products boosts our love for healthy alternative solutions. Please join the movement with us, by taking back our health from medications and recreate the world like our ancestors lived while adding new technologies along with nature to create products at the reach for everyone.


Apricot Base Massage Oil Emollient – Apricot seed oil is a brilliant emollient ( moisturizer ), Anti – Inflammatory – It reduces inflammation when applied
topically or when ingested. Anti-Aging – It provides nutrition and support to the skin so that aging is reduced. Anti – Bacterial – This effect is made use of to treat clothes and other products to keep bacteria away. Anti-Septic – reduces the risk of infection in open wounds and cuts.
Antioxidant – prevents the skin from damage by free radicals. Apricot kernel oil is good for people with sensitive skin. It is non-irritant and soothing for the skin.

Ingredients: Apricot Oil, Lavender, Valerian Root, Chamomille, Arnica, Calendula, Sunflower Lecithin, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Baobab Oil, CBD. CBD Content: 100mg CBD/100ml

Apricot kernel oil is obtained from the kernels ( seeds ) of Apricots. After eating these delicious fruits, the seeds are used to make this light oil. Apricot kernel oil is great for use as a massage oil as it is very light and makes  the skin soft. Apricot kernels themselves are quite healthy and are being researched for a number of health conditions including cancer. Apricot kernel oil is quite similar to almond oil and its applications are also similar. This oil has a deep, nutty flavor which makes it an excellent ingredient for desserts and other recipes. 

Apricot kernel oil is extracted from seeds of Apricot ( Prunus armeniaca ). Apricots are native to Armenia, although it is believed that Apricots may have originated in China. The fruit is widely cultivated in Mediterranean and Central Asia. The largest producer of Apricots is Turkey. The seeds of apricot have a high percentage of oil. It is quite possible that this seed has been used to extract oil since ancient times. Apricot kernel oil has been mentioned in TCM ( Traditional Chinese Medicine ) where it is used for treating tumors and ulcers. This use of apricot kernel spread far and wide with time and was used for this purpose in England in the 17th century. Apricots themselves are great for a number of conditions. Eating just a few dried apricots can alleviate constipation because of the high fiber content in them.
There are two types of Apricot kernel oil - Cosmetic only  –  This variety is only meant for topical application.  -  Edible – This variety can be used like sweet almond oil in cooking. Production The oil can be obtained from kernels using solvent extraction or cold pressed method. Cold pressed is better as it does not alter the chemical compounds in the oil. One should go for organic, high-quality apricot kernel oil which is cold pressed.

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