When you think of CBD oil, you may associate it with  “marijuana” or in better terms cannabis. Your imagination expands from watching others smoking it from an embellished pipe or rolled in a paper like a form. In either case, these are the methods CBD oil is NOT associated with. CBD oil is a different form of cannabis as it’s extracted from the plant that does not have THC or psychoactive elements. It also stands for cannabidiol and it’s  known to soothe symptoms from seizures, Parkinson's, seizures, anxiety, depression, and diabetes among many others. The most important factor to note is recorded research about CBD oil being able to help women during their pregnancy.  After understanding the benefits of cannabidiol in other symptoms it can be well studied that CBD oil can heal women through their pregnancy journey. As far out there as this sounds, it can be safe to use in pregnancy. How safe? We’ll unravel the authentic research on cannabis and CBD oil, the health benefits such as Pain relief, Anti-inflammatory, Neuroprotective, Antioxidant, Immunomodulatory, and Mood Lifter, and the overall CBD oil uses in pregnancy.

Research on Women In Pregnancy Smoking Cannabis. What Could This Mean For CBD Oil?

When you're celebrating the birth of a new child you automatically assume it’s been well taken care of in a traditional hospital. However, what if the mother was smoking the entire pregnancy, but the child still came out as healthy as ever? Or if the mother has been smoking it and their baby ended up being abnormal and underdeveloped? These questions are necessary to be asked in order to truly discover the truth. These are the questions researchers need to unravel and understand why some babies are born healthy while others aren’t.

In relation, there have been studies reporting that cannabis harms the natural process of the baby’s growth from the neurological development of the physical body. How do we unravel the truth of cannabis and its cannabinoid?  In an article of Cannabidiol Changes P-GP and BCRP Expression in Trophoblast Cell Lines, by the NCBI, they’ve quoted that cannabis has been assumed to be mixed with tobacco and alcohol during two studies, the Ottawa Prenatal Prospective Study and the Maternal Health Practices and Child Development Study. These studies were re-quoted in an another scholarly article, Lasting Impacts of Prenatal Cannabis Exposure and The role of Endogenous Cannabinoids in the Developing Brain, by the National Institute of Health (NIH). As you can see women during the study were the ones who were smoking tobacco and alcohol. They weren’t smoking cannabis itself, which led to the NIH to report the difficulties of isolating and assessing or testing the actual cannabis alone. When you understand this important factor you can assume they’ve misdiagnosed the information on cannabis and pregnancy of women.

Moreover, there was another study taken in Jamaica of mothers smoking cannabis only. These mothers were split into two groups from those who smoked to the non-smoking type. When they were aligned together the results were interesting. The smoking group showed no difference in development than that of the non-smoking group. Although the two groups held no difference there was one important factor the article quoted,

“ The results show no significant differences in developmental testing outcomes between children of marijuana-using and non-using mothers except at 30 days of age when the babies of users had more favorable scores on two clusters of the Brazelton Scales.”

The babies of users had better scores in the reflexing areas. This gives us more in-depth information to the accurate facts that are being described here. As we understand the studies of these two groups we can now compare them and know that cannabis is a possible treatment for pregnant women. If not the plant itself, then of it’s small cannabinoid which is CBD or Cannabidiol.

Cannabidiol is extracted from the cannabis plant component that isn’t psychoactive. Which means you won’t be able to consume THC or get high from it at all. Then it’s transferred into an oil-like substance thus creating CBD oil. After relaying the information about the two studies, we can now see that it’s more probable for women to take this during pregnancy. They won’t get the high by taking the oil and the studies show, from above, it’s healthy for mothers to use. CBD oil heals many other symptoms out there including, Parkinson's, diabetes, cancer, epilepsy etc. If CBD oil is safe for patients to heal their symptoms of illness then why wouldn’t it be safe for pregnant women? Although it’s a pure active ingredient to help smooth along pregnancy, there’re also many health benefits to convince others who disagree.

Health Benefits of CBD Oil

Pain Relief

As we walk down the road of well-being, we can foresee CBD oil becoming the number one medication for pain relief. CBD oil is known to heal those with severe pain from chronic pain, mentality pain, to the physical pain.


Those patients with inflammation in their bodies are being attacked and it harms their immune system.  This is where CBD oil comes into reducing inflammation within the body so it can relax and return back to homeostasis.


CBD Oil heals the brain by putting an invisible protection wall over it. It allows the brain to remain unharmed from the nervous system to the brain cells.


It’s also an antioxidant just like any other vegetable you see at a farmers market. An antioxidant will be able to stabilize any unwanted free radicals roaming around the body. This is all to promote homeostasis and helping to move molecules along.

Immune Modulator

Moreover, CBD oil helps suppress the inflammatory cytokine which makes it an immunosuppressive property. This helps the immune system run better and prohibit sickness from coming in.

Mood Lifter

When you're out with your young one, wouldn’t it be nice to have a mood lifter handy? CBD Oil can help improve your mood especially if pregnancy is brewing along. Women who tend to get irritable and moody will be glad to use this to soothe them out for a better pregnancy.

The Overall CBD Oil Safety Uses In Pregnancy

All in all, there are numerous studies and reports to be understood thoroughly as we continue to unravel the true health benefits of CBD oil. It’s a practical use for women in pregnancy as it’s non-psychoactive and has many health benefits for any individual especially pregnant women can take. There isn’t any burning or lighting anything which makes it even more safe for women to use in their pregnancy.

Although CBD Oil is safe to use, it’s best to consult a specialist for choosing the right CBD Oil for you. There’s not a one size fits all when it comes to the cannabis industry so by understanding which medication you need to help any chronic pain or severe illness you may have, you will be able to reduce any illness. What CBD oil can do for you is more than what any other pill you take that may or may not work. There’s a huge culture behind cannabis and it may seem complicated to navigate the jungle when you are new.

This is why having My Hemp Now as your consultant is very important because you need a guiding hand to help you reduce your nausea, chronic pain or hormonal imbalances.  We’ll help you with our complimentary consulting to assist you in navigating the world of CBD.