Pets and CBD...Are they a good choice for your Pet?

Thursday, August 31, 2017 11:26:23 AM America/Chicago

CBD for pets: a whole new world of supplements designed for your furry friends

There’s been a lot of news lately about cannabidiol (CBD), the chemical compound in cannabis that doesn’t get you high. There’s also been a lot of news about how CBD has the potential to help our pets, and MyHempNow is part of that movement. 

Having a line of CBD supplements just for pets is growing rapidly, while we expand upon this section of our site we want to remind those or let everyone know that Pet CBD is absolutely safe, an excellent health management supplement for pets and can help prevent or even change the way we look at our pets health. Like myself (Sarah - Owner & President of MyHempNow) we have altered our look on our own dog. While he seems healthy and is 7 he is also a larger dog, is a mixed breed and to be completely honest the first pet I've had since I was a young adult and lost 2 dogs in a fire. While CBD can't help avoid fires and mother nature we can now help our pets now and as they age. 

“Considering all the reasons that humans now want to take CBD it makes sense to have CBD pet products that are specifically formulated and flavored for animals.”

Our Pet CBD comes from only hemp, not marijuana, and is manufactured with the same high-quality CBD that MyHempNow requires for any Human CBD oil supplement. We take pride in offering only quality products and education to help you and your pet have the healthiest longest life together. 

The CBD found here at is naturally sourced from Hemp that has strict farming practices and from a variety of sources, some or maybe even most are also organic. These properly processed and sourced CBD for pets contains the purest and highest CBD ratio available.

We’re hearing about companies in this market that are grinding up hemp stalks and simply placing that powder in products which gives hardly any level of quality CBD. 

Our hemp stalks go into the compost pile. We produce all of our Pure Pet products with the same quality ingredients and full spectrum hemp oil that goes into our consumer line.”

CBD pet supplements are available in pill, oil or tincture form as well as infused into treats; which allows for a multitude of CBD oil pet products. Some also come with pet-friendly flavorings that can be easily added to your friend’s treats or food. 

Dosing suggestions for your pet will vary based on size, needs, preferences and more, please feel free to contact to get help in this area. While all pet products with CBD in them are specifically designed for pets you will also see the many different forms, mg doses, etc. But you can customize that dosage to suit your pet’s size and condition and we can help do so. 

(While MyHempNow has a terrific, bright group of individuals who support all of our clients in an effort to keep MyHempNow a destination for all things CBD at this time only Sarah, Owner & President) will consult with any and all clients. CBD can be a complex and confusing topic and even scary when you are talking about an ailment or simply adding something to their diet. So complimentary consultations are always available for all topics. if you have any questions regarding CBD, dosage and how best to use.) I (Sarah) have myself needed and continue to need and use CBD for my own health purposes and feel my years of experience, use, research, knowledge and continued focus on education gives me additional insight into the needs of all of our clients, I believe in solutions and service, quality, not quantity. MyHempNow was never intended to be a buy and try - Good Luck type company

The study of CBD and its possible health benefits are still in their early stages, but consumers around the world are starting to appreciate what hemp-derived CBD can do for themselves and their animal companions.

It’s very gratifying to hear from our clients, especially when they talk about how our CBD supplements have worked to improve the quality of life for their pets. We take our job very seriously no matter the need, topic, use, etc. Your Health is always our #1 Focus - You, Your Pet, Your family, etc. 

“We expect that, once people become accustomed to CBD pet products, that MyHempNow will become a safe, familiar place to get all your needs met and we invite you to join the huge number of pet owners who have come to trust our products and rely on us for the most standardized, highest-quality, naturally-derived CBD oil available from hemp.

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