ATTN: CBD Oil Enthusiast, My name is Chris Jenkins I’ve been a health researcher and author for the last 14 years, since quitting my job as a laboratory research coordinator. In that time the hype surrounding CBD oil has exploded. Even respected doctors like Dr. Sunjay Gupta who Barack Obama wanted as his Surgeon General has endorsed CBD. I thought now would be the perfect time to delve in and find out if CBD oil works. First look at the science considering my background. And the science behind CBD seemed plausible that it could work for a range of ailments (see a list below). But they say one test is worth 1000 expert opinions. And who better to test this upon than myself. Since high school (a long time ago) I have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks. Not as much as I once did. Though I still suffer from them on a semi-regular basis. I also suffer from severe neck pain thanks to sitting at a computer desk my entire working life.