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Kids are not only our future, their health from when in Mommy's tummy until they are leading this Nation and The World for that matter. As it relates to Children and CBD oil it is quite simple, the last time a human or pet gets cannabinoids, CBD, is from breast milk. For many kids, they are not able to be breastfed. While our Endocannabinoid System creates Cannabinoids naturally we as the country and even a world become deficient due to the lack of even Hemp, which does give you great health benefits but CBD oil offers the ultimate the in a health supplement. Just as adults we all need to get as many Cannabinoids back into our body in order to balance create balance in our Endocannabinoid System which is known as our "Signalling System" managing everything from health needs that we most often don't even realize is there.

Additionally, this perfect supplement allows our children the opportunity to grow up full of health and with the continued use of CBD oil can avoid future diseases that many adults suffer from today. We aren't always so great about being proactive with own health but if we start with our children and ourselves before we get sick we have the opportunity to live a healthy life. I always suggest that adding Hemp Seeds, Hemp oil, Shelled Hemp seeds, etc. is always a great addition in combination with CBD oil. As a mother of 6 daughters, I have stopped giving them the handful of supplements they hated me for and now give them some yummy Tincture or Kids CBD bears and any number of the products on our site. We cook with CBD oil only, use the taffy to keep them filled throughout the day. They love the honey sticks and the fun food and edibles. Make it fun and keep them healthy now. 

Their Health is Our Passion