DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer Accessories

DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer Accessories

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For when you need that replacement piece for your DaVinchi Ascent Vaporizer you will find it here. See all pricing and options! Now you';; never need to humt for your DaVinche Ascent Vaporizer pieces


1 - DaVinci Car Charger - 9V Car Charger for Davinci Vaporizer and Ascent Vaporizer, OEM DaVinci Vaporizer 2 - DaVinci Ascent Glass Mouthpiece Set A replacement glass mouthpiece and innertube for the DaVinci Ascent portable vaporizer. 3 - 2-Pack DaVinci Ascent Oil Jars - A spare set of two glass oil jars allows the user to vaporize essential aromatherapy oils, blends, and waxy concentrate with your DaVinci Ascent. 2 x Glass Oil Jars - 2 x Medical Grade Silicone Lids 4 - DaVinci Ascent Replacement Charger. This 110V-240V wall charger is identical to the original charger which accompanies the DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer. This charger can be used worldwide - an adequate converter will be provided. 5 - DaVinci Ascent Straight Water Tool Adapter. This water tool adapter turns your DaVinci Ascent into a portable water vape, cooling and moistens your vapor. Replace the mouthpiece with the adapter, and insert it into your favorite water tool. 6 - A replacement cleaning brush for DaVinci Vaporizers. Designed by DaVinci, it's materials are safe for the finish of your DaVinci or DaVinci Ascent. 7 - DaVinci Screen Set Complete Screen Set for DaVinci Vaporizer - For Davinci Vaporizer Features: 3 Large Screens, 6 Small Screens, OEM DaVinci Part 8 - DaVinci U-Water Tool Adapter - Manufactured by DaVinci specifically for the DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer. The uniquely shaped 100% glass piece allows for the hands-free, mess free use of loose aromatherapy or essential oils and maintains the integrity of the glass on glass vapor path.̴Ì_This allows for̴Ì_improved̴Ì_cooling and rehydrating of vapor. Fits the Ascent Vaporizer and any standard water tool with an 18mm fitting (please select above). No need for additional adapters, just plug into your favorite water tool and start vaping. Included: 1 x DaVinci U-Water Tool Adapter (14mm or 18mm), 1 x Silicone sleeve 9 - DaVinci Flexi-Straw - DaVinci Flexi-Straw Replacement Flexi-Straw for DaVinci Vaporizer Features For DaVinci Vaporizer OEM DaVinci Part 10 - DaVinci Accessory Pack - DaVinci Accessory Pack Accessory Pack includes everything you need to keep your DaVinci Vaporizer in great shape or to replace essential parts if they go missing_ Features For DaVinci Vaporizer OEM DaVinci Part Included: Flexi-Straw 3x Large Screens 6x Small Screens Cleaning Brush 2x Oil Cans

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