Customer Service

MyHempNow is 100% commited to You and your needs. We will make it easy to understand and use our products and find out what you need to in order to be confident when purchasing. We add as much information as possible to each product listing, but there may be questions, so call, text, email or all of the above. Communicate with us and we will respond!


MyHempNow is here to: 

  • Create an easy process to find Your perfect product 

  • Make it convenient to get help Your way

  • Create a secure and easy-to use website for an excellent customer experience 

  • Respond to suggestions from customers to improve our site 

  • Is solution-oriented and works with You to address problems 

  • Provide fantastic customer service to create trust and build a community  

  • Is courteous and professional at all times 

  • Is consistent in our responses and the information we provide 

  • Responds to every email, text, message, etc. we receive, and provide helpful and timely responses 

  • Goes the extra mile – always asking ‘what else can I do?’ and ‘how can I do more?” 

  • Deliver on our promises 

  • Fix everything twice – once when the problem first occurs and second by finding a way to stop the problem happening again

  • Provides a Hassle Free Return Policy

  • Courteous, professional and discrete

  • 100% satisfaction always

  • A solution-oriented focus when dealing with your questions and a commitment to working with you

  • Confidentiality and respect for your privacy  

  • Clear and accurate information, if we don't have the answer we will get it and relay it back to You


Would you please help us by:

  • Asking us first if you have any questions or issues, don't assume your problem can't be solved 

  • Create an account so that we can understand how to better serve all of our customers  

  • Providing feedback to enable us to improve our service 

  • Providing accurate information in your dealings with us 

  • Communicating with us to solve any problems you may have

  • Let us know of any problems or potential problems so we can rectify them



We are here for You at MyHempNow dedicated to Your experience with us

Contact us anytime at, call or text us toll free at 1 (844) MYHEMP1 or use our chat service provided. We will respond as quickly as possible. While you can shop all day everyday, we have operating business hours for processing orders between the hours of 8am - 8pm. Emails, calls and text messages will be answered after hours if one of our representatives are available.