Change Tincture with 400mg is specifically dedicated hormonal Issues: cramps, PMS, pre-menopause, and heavy bleeding. When feeling any of these type and similar symptoms you now have an excellent choice to relieve and feel better even when going through these moments and periods of time when we need relief the most. This is a must try 

Ingredients: Infused with Yarrow, Skullcap, Clary Sage, Birch, Black Cohosh, Hemp Seed, Bistort, Oregano, Vitamin E, St. Jon’s Wort, VG, Dong Quai, Calcium Citrate Calcium, MSM, GABA, PGA, ALkaline Water & CBD. CBD Content: 400mg CBD/30ml

Main Herbal Ingredient: Yarrow can reduce heavy menstrual flow if taken during a heavy period. According to the website BHRT Resource, Yarrow contains compounds called tannins, which constrict blood vessels. BHRT Resource states that taking Yarrow several days before a menstrual cycle lessens the amount of menstrual flow and prevents cyclic hemorrhaging.

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