BRIGHT DAY SERUM w/ 50mg CBD for Beautiful Skin

BRIGHT DAY SERUM w/ 50mg CBD for Beautiful Skin


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BRIGHT DAY SERUM w/ 50mg CBD for Beautiful Skin ever

This beautiful serum goes beyond moisturizing and locking in the moisture for nourished skin all day but it does an excellent job evening out your skin tone and getting rid of dark spots. It's never too late or early to begin your skincare regimen for beautiful youthful skin and especially excellent when it's time to look at the anti-aging aspect of skin care. 


BRIGHT DAY SERUM w/ 50mg CBD for Beautiful Skin 

Hydrate and rejuvenate your skin with this powerful Anti-Aging CBD Face Serum from our Anti-Aging and topical line, formulated with 50mg CBD and hemp oil extract your skin will love! These face serum partners beautifully with the Chic Day Cream and the Midnight Madness, don't forget your precious eye care with Profound Eyes.  It’s incredibly hydrating and great for all skin types. Replace your facial moisturizer with this serum – your skin will thank you for it! It offers all-day hydration and an intense blast of nutrition, great for all skin types. It’s will absorb into the skin, once it has you can continue with your day or night cream. For those with dry skin, apply it before bed and in the morning. Try applying it under your makeup for a smooth and healthy glow.

This Anti-Aging, Extra Hydrating Face Serum by made by hemp is simply amazing, with 50mg CBD and only the finest ingredients. Using an anti-aging serum offers all-day hydration and the perfect power of nutrition for all skin types. This face serum is packaged in a 1oz glass bottle with a dropper top. This product nourishes skin with phytonutrients and essential oils of wild orange and raw honey to create this power-house of a facial serum. This face serum is hydrating and good for all skin types. Especially those with dry skin will love the all-day moisturization the Serum provides.

How to use Anti-Aging CBD Face Serum? Apply directly onto your skin and target areas, or dispense a line of Face Serum onto your hand and then use your fingers to rub the oil into your skin. Make sure your hands are clean!

REPROGRAMMING THE WAY YOU DO-HEALTH ☺ PH Secrets was created after we were done depending on pills for everything, we rebelled and created a home for all the silent healers in the world. We opened our doors to plants, flowers & roots, and created a safe haven for them to live in harmony and took the time to learn from them and created products as delicate as our own bodies are. Adding CBD to our products boosts our love for healthy alternative solutions. Please join the movement with us, by taking back our health from medications and recreate the world like our ancestors lived while adding new technologies along with nature to create products at the reach for everyone.

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