CBD 1000mg CBD 30ml Tincture 6 Amazing flavors!!

CBD 1000mg CBD 30ml Tincture 6 Amazing flavors!!


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The delicious 1000ng of pure CBD Tincture and/or E-liquid is 100% Organic VG! This Purple label is a highly concentrated CBD oil that offers almost immediate results. By offering this product for Tincture or as a Vape e-liquid your tasty choices are endless. This established new Pure CBD™ line of products and assure our customers that they are getting a pure, high-quality product. Pure CBD™ is calculated by the amount of the active ingredient cannabidiol (CBD), so each milligram of Pure CBD™ is 100% CBD. This standard allows our customers to be better informed about the amount of CBD they are consuming in every puff and accurately regulate daily dosages. Our Purple Label provides a strong medicinal alternative to medical marijuana.

Flavors to choose from: Mango, Pineapple, Regular (unflavored), Citrus Fruits, Peppermint & Vanilla Cream - Get 1 try them all 

#1 Fan Favorite and Owner Favorite. With the amazingly delicious flavors, you may never go back. While all are amazing The Vanilla Cream tastes just like a perfectly sweet dessert 



This delicious Mango CBD E Liquid is not only tasty it can be used as a vape liquid or as a tincture, you get the best of both worlds.The best part for you is that you can change up how you use it everytime.

CBD Additive E Liquid - 150mg CBD | 30ml Vape Oil Transport yourself to the perfect summer day with the mellow flavor of ripe mango. Experience the many benefits of CBD, while indulging in juicy mango flavors. The sweet, tangy undertones of our mango CBD Vape will leave you feeling vibrant and refreshed. With 150mg of pure CBD, our Blue Label is an effective, yet budget friendly, option. 

We worked with medical professionals to establish our recommended daily consumption values and serving sizes based on the specific strength of our CBD products. You will notice that every bottle of our premium CBD E-Liquid Vape Oil comes with complete and transparent information about the product and also dosage recommendations. These  CBD products are designed to offer noticeable results for those seeking an alternative to medical marijuana.

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