Boundless CFC Vaporizer | 2 yr warranty | Chat available for questions | Authentic certified

Boundless CFC Vaporizer | 2 yr warranty | Chat available for questions | Authentic certified


Quick Overview

THE BOUNDLESS CFC VAPORIZER - A LIMITLESS PORTABLE VAPORIZER - The CFC continues the Boundless quality we expect from the Boundless line of Vaporizers. One of my favorite part of the CFC is its portability and lightweight design. With an ultra-compact portable vaporizer for dry herb. The “C” stands for “Compact,” and the Boundless CFC is just that, boasting the smallest frame of all the Boundless vapes, don’t let the compact stature fool you. This small package delivers bountiful vapor with full temperature control, a built-in 1900mAh battery, and a rapid heat up time. The CFC is best for dry herbs and is easy to use and clean and flavor-rich hits on-the-go--and in a discreet manner. What more could one ask for? 



It seems like Boundless came out of nowhere and we are thrilled! The Boundless CFC now with the CF and CFX vaporizers but man I’m sure glad they did. These two portable vapes for dry herbs are on the lower end of the price scale but their performance sits comfortably above-average. The Boundless CFC Vaporizer chamber can accommodate around .3 to .5 grams of dry herb.

What I like best about the CFC is how quickly you get good vapor from and how easy it are to use. If you’re a beginner this is an excellent choice, but even if you’re an experienced vaper I still think you’ll be impressed.

VapeRating: 90/100 (Tier 2 Top Pick)

Q & A -

Q: How large is the chamber that holds the herb (.25gm,.50gm,.75gm)? Asked By Sammy Chaiken on June 13, 2017, A: Hi Sammy,

A: Hi Sammy, The Boundless CFC Vaporizer chamber can accommodate around .3 to .5 grams of dry herb

Full Temperature Control (140°F-446°F)

Digital LCD Screen

Large Ceramic Oven Rapid Heat Up

Ultra-Portable Design 1900mAh Battery

Micro USB Charging Port

Herbs Portable

2year Warranty

30secs Heat-up Time 


PRECISION TEMPERATURE CONTROL To enable users to pinpoint temperatures, the Boundless CFC features precision temperature control. This allows you to choose the ideal temp for specific dry herb strains or vapor profiles. Toggling temperature between 140F and 446F is as easy as pressing the “up” and “down” buttons, which switch to Celsius when pressed at the same time. A .69-inch LCD screen displays the temperature and battery power. Once you’ve made your choice, a Fast 30-second heat up time lets you vape on-the-fly.

UBER-PORTABLE DESIGN The Boundless CFC design has the rare quality of being portable, functional, and slick all at once. The ribbed rubber finish adds extra grip and comfort. The shell shape fits ergonomically in your palm. And the 1 ½ inch width makes the CFC vape easy to conceal in your hand or pocket. Embracing simplicity for the sake of ease-of-use, the Boundless CFC is easy to load. Simply remove the mouthpiece, load the ceramic oven, and put the mouthpiece back. Built for vaping on-the-go, the Boundless CFC is one of the most compact portable vaporizers yet.

A POWERFUL VAPE BATTERY Charging can get in the way of vaping. To keep you powered up through your day, the Boundless CFC features a super-charged 1900mAh battery that lasts up to 15 sessions on one charge, or an hour of straight vaping at around 400F. Charge time takes only 2 hours thanks to Rapid Charge Technology. And a four-minute auto-shutoff feature conserves battery power and dry herb and prevents overheating. This long-lasting battery allows you to vape when you want without interruption.

CERAMIC OVEN FOR "SLOW AND LOW" VAPING Expect even and thorough vaporization from this conduction vaporizer. A high-grade ceramic chamber vaporizer dry herb slowly with lower thermal conductivity to deliver smooth and tasty hits. The smoke-free vapor travels down the Boundless CFC’s isolated airpath, preventing leakage for big, potent clouds. Those who appreciate discretion, functionality, and thick, flavorful vapor will feel limitless with the Boundless CFC.

WHAT'S THE BOX: 1 x Boundless CFC Vaporizer | 1 x USB Charger | 1 x Cleaning Brush | 1 x Manual

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